History of Pangainoon and the Evolution of Uechi Ryu Karate

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  • created the style of Pangainoon
  • taught Pangainoon (half-hard half-soft) in Southern China near Fouchow

Kanbun Uechi

  • born in Okinawa
  • traveled to China and learned Pangainoon from Shushiwa
  • studied Pangainoon for 13 years before returning to Okinawa
  • founder of Uechi-Ryu

Kanei Uechi

  • learned Pangainoon from his father, Kanbun Uechi

  • became the grandmaster of the style upon his father's death

Seiryo Shinjo

  • trained under Kanbun Uechi

Seiyu Shinjo

  • trained under both Kanbun Uechi and his father, Seiryo Shinjo

Kiyohide Shinjo

  • trained under his father, Seiyu Shinjo
  • 9 time world champion in kata and kumite in the All Okinawan Tournament

Alan Dollar

  • first learned Uechi-Ryu under Seiyo Shinjo
  • Now retired, Currently teaching a few students at his Church, training his Boarder Collie's Zena and Micheal, Collecting and restoring vintage Scooters.

Doug Achterberg

  •  Trained in Uechi-Ryu under Shihan Alan Dollar for 13 years
  • Currently Owner and Head Instructor of the Antioch Kenyukai Dojo