Seiryo Shinjo

Seiryo Shinjo (formerly called Seizan) was born on Ie-jima Island, June 10, 1908. His father, Seisan Shinjo was a well-known bo expert on Ie-jima.

Seiryo traveled to Wakayama, Japan, seeking employment in 1923, one year before Kanbun Uechi. He introduced himself to Kanbun and requested permission to become his student. Seiryo Shinjo entered the Shataku dojo early in 1927.


Seiryo Shino was a small, agile man who became known for his incredibly fast kicks. Hisaguwa Seizen (fast kicker Seizen) was the nickname given to him by his peers.

Kanbun grew to like him very much and they became the best of friends. Kanbun felt comfortable with Seiryo and Tsuru. Their house was the only place he could relax and express himself. It became a gathering place for Seiryo's friends including Kanbun.

Their first son Seiyu, born July 10, 1929.


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